MY MIND KEEPS WANDERING – art from Munich in Biesenthal

Several artists from the arthouse Baumstrasse, Munich aprehend this elegant and gently hidden mansion and it´s surrounding by artistic means. A recommended trip into the wilderness outside of Berlin.

Participating artists: Matias Becker, Kristin Brunner, Jutta Burkhardt/Birthe Blauth, Christian Engelmann, Beate Engl, Ulrich Gebert, Heike Jobst, Konstantin Landuris, Stephanie Maier, Daisuke Ogura, Gregor Passens, Sebastian Poellmann, Martin Schmidt, Johannes N. Seefried, Essi Utriainen, Katharina Weishaeupl, Robert Weissenbacher, Patricia Wich, Oliver Winheim, Horst Wittmann, Silke Witzsch und Youjin Yi.

Curated by Frank Wagner

till Oct. 6th

Read more (and how to go there ) at Atelierhaus Baumstrasse


Created - 11 months ago

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