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RIP On Kawara

pictured On Kawara Studio, 1966
Robert Lebeck - RIP

Romy Schneider wearing Robert Lebeck´s cap Berlin 1976 Silbergelatine on Barytpaper Modern Print, 30 x 40 cm © R. Lebeck / Stern / Picture Press
G I R L | as seen by Pharrell Williams & Emmanuel Perrotin
"G I R L" by Guy Limone, 2014
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G I R L | as seen by Pharrell Williams & Emmanuel Perrotin
"Wanting You" by Tracey Emin, 2010
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G I R L | as seen by Pharrell Williams & Emmanuel Perrotin
"Eat Me" by Terry Richardson, 1994/98
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G I R L | as seen by Pharrell Williams & Emmanuel Perrotin
"Rest Energy" by Marina Abramovic & Ulay, 1980
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hotel (from F3 series)
Duane Hanson Man With Camera  1991

Beom Kim – Horse Riding Horse (After Eadweard Muybridge)
a hypnotizing, faux-vintage 24-second single channel video

(via Frieze Highlights - ANIMAL)
Barnett Newman´s  Black Fire I sells at auction for $105m
NEW YORK - A painting by American Barnett Newman, “Black Fire I,” went under the gavel for US$84 million (S$105 million) Tuesday at Christie’s postwar and contemporary art auction in New York, a record price for the artist.

"Black Fire I" sparked a contentious bidding war between two telephone bidders, ending with a standing ovation as the hammer fell with a price of US$84.165 million, far exceeding the estimated value of US$50 million.
you would.


Playing with your food is always encouraged if it’s inspired by great art :)

Cícero Dias / o sonho da prostituta déc 1930

Untitled, 2013, Joshua Abelow

The Sweetest Ride
Frances Goodman creates atmospheric and immersive sound pieces that cross the boundaries between visual and media arts, and unveil everyday routines, obsessions and social interactions. She is one of South Africa’s leading young artists
read more at snadgy: The Sweetest Ride | Frances Goodman at TM projects

Directors Lounge In Gear For C.A.R.

From Berlin straight out to the Ruhr, home to Germany’s concentrated multi-millions and “contemporary art ruhr,” a concentrated display of all that is here and now (and beyond) in the world of media art. C.A.R. spreads its considerable wings regularly, reaching a global tally of urban art-zones, but invites to its home turf in this bi-annual gathering of innovative thinkers. Directors Lounge has become a regular-as-clockwork contributor to the more daring summer fair, exporting its international imports and making the trip in person to see visitors through its specially curated mélange of onscreen marvels. The flicks selected join of a temporary world of razor-sharp installations, performance, photography and more, fodder for the wide-awake mind. With contributions from DL partner Cross Art (Zurich-Berlin) and more, a feast of film awaits at World Heritage Site Zollverein in Essen. Directors Lounge cordially invites you to electrify your senses.

Directors Lounge at the Car Video Lounge (Auditorium) with works by Engin Kilicatan, Tokomburu / Ion Papaspyrou and Zisis Kokkinidis, Zaoli Zhong, Hussen Ibraheem, Benedikt Kruger, Sebastian Lörscher, Xaver Xylophon, Aitor Marín Correcher, Jonathan Seyer, Jonathan Rescigno, AUJIK, Francesca Fini, Naren Wilks, Alberto Diaz Lopez, Hee-Seong Han, Hara Katsiki, APOTROPIA , Dimitris Argyriou, Studio Twins / Caroline Fayette & Chloé Guerbois, Elvira Bukowski, Gerard Freixes Ribera, Karl F. Stewart, Eleonora Manca, Michael Betancourt, Ingeborg Fülepp and Heiko Daxl, Mateo Grubisic, Haruka Mitani and Michael Lyons, Dunja Donassy and Bernd Wendt
Artists presented at the DL Booth:
Videos by  Peter Freund, Erdal Inci, Hye Young Kim, Alan Smithee, Shinkan Tamaki
Photography / Paintings by Stefanie Anastase and Claudia Köhn, Jackie Baier, Julia Murakami, Karin Schranz, André Werner

Special lecture Sun 3pm: Digital storytelling , an introduction of RFID books that trigger interaction through the flipping of pages. Books by Sandra Becker and Bego Santiago presented by Dr. Regina Francken, FKI Berlin

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